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In 1906 Arthur Griffith compared the communication gap between Ireland and the outside world to a "wall of paper".

Nora O'Keeffe and the Irish revolution

The Cumann na mBan activist and publicist was one of many women to the fore of promoting the republican message. In a recent biography of Margaret Skinnider, Dr Mary McAuliffe revealed that Skinnider and O'Keeffe were life-long partners. The O'Keeffe family: in the midst of the revolution Born in 1885 in Glenough, near Clonoulty, Co. Tipperary, Nora O'Keeffe was one of the twelve surviving chidren of Daniel O'Keeffe and Ellen, née Ryan. Nora emigrated to the United States in 1906 at the age of 20 or 21 to work as a typist and stenographer, and her brother Patrick also emigrated about this time. A cousin who grew up nearby wrote that Nora and Patrick returned to Ireland for a holiday in 1916

Shell, the Corrib Gas Field and the Irish Constitution

Article based on letter sent to Irish papers, July 2005 The behaviour of the High Court in jailing the Rossport Five for insisting on their Constitutional rights is symptomatic of an utter disregard of the Constitution by the State as a whole. The terms of the abominable "deal" the Government has cut with Shell/Statoil are: that the entire Corrib gas field has been handed over to these private companies, with no interest retained by the State, with all expenses accrued by these companies over the past 25 years paid by the State, and with no royalties payable to the State; that the gas refinery, the only land-based refinery in the world, will discharge toxins into air, sea and drinki

The Tara Case and the Irish Constitution

A 2006 challenge to the construction of the M3 Motorway through the Tara landscape was rejected. During the 1972 proceedings, the State itself, as represented by the Commissioners of Public Works (now the Office of Public Works), itself stated in its submission (under oath in Ireland’s highest court) that Tara was an integral part of a wider heritage landscape. The Appeal According to a story in the Meath Chronicle (April 22nd 2006), Vincent Salafia gave Notice of Appeal of the High Court’s rejection of his case against the M3 Motorway. The Supreme Court will hear this appeal and ultimately decide on the constitutionality of the National Monuments Act 2004. According to Mr. Justice Thomas Sm

Venezuela - the next stage of the Global Oil Wars

This article was published online in 2006. Brian Guerin "You have the freedom here to do what you want to do with your money, and to me, that is worth all the political freedom in the world." (US banker in Veneuela under the dicatorship of Perez Jimenez (1949-1958). [1]) In the context of what some observers have seen as a threatened direct US invasion of Venezuela, whose revolution threatens the oil interests that now encircle the globe, it is fitting that the Casement Outlook open its work with a look at this ancient country. Under the presidency of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has banned GMO's, and greatly increased tarriffs upon oil corporations tapping Venezuela's vast oil resources.

Morgan Kelly on the Bank Bailout

This article was written in response to Morgan Kelly's piece in the Irish Times of 8 November 2010 entitled 'If you thought the bank bailout was bad, wait until the mortgage defaults hit'. It was published online in November 2010. Morgan Kelly’s despair-piece on the Irish economy (“If you thought the bank bailout was bad, wait until the mortgage defaults hit,” The Irish Times, 8 November 2010), is more revealing in what in what it leaves unsaid, or at least takes for granted, than for what it says. For instance: “Until September, Ireland had the legal option of terminating the bank guarantee on the grounds that three of the guaranteed banks had withheld material information about their solve


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