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Cork Nursing Home shuts Amid Pandemic

Cara House, a Cork nursing home is set to close in January, despite pleas from locals and experienced carers. Cara House in Blackpool on the northside of Cork city opened over thirty years ago to meet the needs of the elderly in the community following the closure of the North Infirmary Hospital. The board of management announced plans to shut the doors of the 25-bed facility last month. They attributed their decision to a reduction in occupancy at the facility and the challenges posed by Covid 19. There were calls made for the HSE to take over the running of the site and vigils were held every Wednesday night outside the facility. Staff member Majella Lynch says that arising out of the new

Numerous Complaints over Cork Nursing Homes before and during COVID-19 Lockdown

Friday 28 August The Cork Echo has reported numerous allegations of poor treatment of elderly Cork nursing home residents, including allegations of abuse, neglect and poor care as well as fears over staff shortages, these include the past five months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Baseline staffing levels did not increase, even in centres where there was significant COVID-19 outbreaks. There are 47 private and voluntary nursing homes and 19 HSE operated nursing homes in Cork, providing care to over 3,000 residents. 'Concerns' can be presented to the HIQA Authority through its complaints procedure. So, between, January 2019 and June 2020, more than 120 concerns were raised with HIQA regarding issu


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