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Michael O'Reilly and the longest hunger strike

In 1920, nine men survived for 94 days on hunger strike in Cork prison. It was an event which, for the outside world, defined Ireland's struggle for independence.

Nora O'Keeffe and the Irish Revolution

The Tipperary woman, a Cumann na mBan activist and publicist, was one of many women to the fore of promoting the republican message.

The Green Party in the 2007-11 Coalition

The Green Party postures as a weak, but sincere party of environmental idealists, but enabled the neo-liberal political coalition of Fianna Fail and the PDs to complete its term in office from 2007-11.

The Dublin Bay Motorway

A plan for completion of the inner ring road (M50 motorway) around Dublin city centre, now moving towards the operational stage, would necessitate the building of a road or tunnel across Dublin bay at the point of Sandymount-Booterstown.

The Irish Bulletin

During the War of Independence, Dáil Éireann's official gazette helped to break the "paper wall" which divided Ireland from the outside world.


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