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Nora O'Keeffe and the Irish Revolution

The Tipperary woman, a Cumann na mBan activist and publicist, was one of many women to the fore of promoting the republican message.

The Green Party in the 2007-11 Coalition

The Green Party postures as a weak, but sincere party of environmental idealists, but enabled the neo-liberal political coalition of Fianna Fail and the PDs to complete its term in office from 2007-11.

The Dublin Bay Motorway

A plan for completion of the inner ring road (M50 motorway) around Dublin city centre, now moving towards the operational stage, would necessitate the building of a road or tunnel across Dublin bay at the point of Sandymount-Booterstown.

The Irish Bulletin

During the War of Independence, Dáil Éireann's official gazette helped to break the "paper wall" which divided Ireland from the outside world.


We are a small family group based in Dublin, Ireland. We write and make films about Ireland's past and present with a view to making Irish issues more accessible to a wider Irish and international audience.


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