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Meeting of Kilkenny Co. Council 15th March 2021 - (Selected Items).

Kilkenny Castle and the River Nore Jimmy joe jazz - Own work

Kilkenny Castle as seen from town https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilkenny#/media/File:Kilkenny_castle_3.jpg

"Fógraí i dtaobh Rúin ó Údaráis Áitiúla eile ag lorg tacaíochta ó Chomhairle Chontae Chill Chainnigh - Notices of Motion from other local authorities seeking support of Kilkenny County Council" -

Kilkenny County Council Meeting Items -

Trade Agreement:

05 (21) Cllr. Maria Dollard “That Kilkenny County Council will write to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment that international trade agreements, such as CETA (Comprehensive and Economic and Trade Agreement), providing a right to multinational corporations to take recourse against the State outside of ordinary legal systems, should be fully and properly scrutinised by a Joint Oireachtas Committee before and Dáil vote on ratification.”

Planning Laws:

06 (21) Clare County Council “I am calling on Minister Darragh O’Brien and Minister of State Peter Burke to urgently review planning policy in relation to the Development of Residential property.

1. What I am looking for is more clarity and transparency in relation to developers applying for private residential development and disposal of the total development when completed for social housing.

2. Developers are required to deliver on Part V of their obligations in the delivery of a portion of the development for Social and Affordable Housing and this has to be agreed with the planners with input from Senior Officers within the housing section.

3. Planning and housing have a duty to deliver balanced tenure and sustainable communities where a mix of housing would be available for both private and social needs.

4. The development of large scale social housing requires considerable assistance and support at local level and in some instances local services are not sufficient to provide school placements and other essential supports for some vulnerable families and this has to be a consideration for planners.

5. Currently members of the public wishing to purchase their own property are finding it very difficult to find private property for sale as the policy in planning is mostly focused on the delivery of social housing and in turn this policy puts more pressure on local authorities waiting lists and for the lower to middle income bracket they cannot get on the list due to income thresholds. Public confidence needs to be strengthened in the whole planning process and I am hopeful the Ministers will find the balance required in the development of vibrant communities.”

Public Lands:

11 (21) Clare County Council “We are calling on the Government to enforce the laws of the land that exist in relation to tackling the unauthorised occupation of public lands all over Ireland. Level 5 Covid restrictions have been in place for some time and are likely to continue to the future. Local authorities are precluded from taking action at this time and in the interest of Public Health & Environmental considerations we are calling on the Government to engage a Task Force and design a mechanism or policy to protect all citizens in Ireland from the unauthorised occupation of Public Lands. WE would also request the circulation of the motion to the other 30 Local Authorities, The Oireachtas Members, LAMA and the AILG.”

Land Development Agency Bill:

19 (21) Sligo County Council “I call on Sligo County Council to make a formal submission to the Minister for Housing, Local Government & Heritage outlining our complete opposition to the proposed provisions of the Land Development Agency Bill 2021. The proposed removal of the Section 183 reserved function of Elected Members in relation to the disposal of local authority held land to the LDA as provided for in Part 7 Section 56 of the bill is unacceptable and an affront to local democracy. As advocates for the empowerment of local government, we can never support or accept any diminution in the reserved functions and powers of elected Councillors. I also have concerns regarding the potential long term implications for local authorities in delivering social and affordable housing on local authority held land due to the extensive remit of the LDA. I believe that this is a major battle in our ongoing fight to preserve the local democratic function in the face of ever increasing centralism.” o Correspondence from Cathaoirleach of Laois County Council in connection with Land Development Agency Bill."

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