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Phoenix Park Walls damaged by OPW North Road Works

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The North Road works (just inside the Phoenix Park walls) was announced by the Office of Public Works to commence on April 12th last. This announcement stated that the works would involve the removal and disposal of existing road surface and relaying of new road surface, the 'taking up,' cleaning and relaying of existing granite kerbs and the removal and disposal of existing footpath and laying of new footpath on the North Road.

The OPW have stated that the Cabra Gate, the Grangegorman Gate and other pedestrian gates the North Road/Blackhorse Avenue Roads will remain closed for the duration of the works.

The Grangegorman Gate

The gates were sealed as stated on the 12th April and the road works commenced that week. However, demolition works have started on the gate opposite the Grangegorman Military Cemetery on Blackhorse Avenue. So far, a section of wall housing a pedestrian gate has been demolished with damage to the adjoining wall.

Full planning permission is required for work to a protected structure and it appears that none was sought. Also, this demolition work was unannounced, though they have commenced as part of the April 12th North Road resurfacing works.

If re-installation of the North Road gates has begun, they are clearly being carried out without any regard to conservation of the historic walls. It is clear that the blocks have been hacked, rather than being carefully removed these blocks and these blocks subsequently cannot be replaced. This vandalism of the Phoenix Park walls on the North Road is open flouting of Dublin's built heritage.

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