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Mission Statement

The Irish Bulletin seeks to illustrate the dire consequences of ignoring and effacing the past.


The Irish Bulletin intends to report on such issues where possible, but also to provide alternative, feasible planning and transport solutions. In addition, we wish to highlight Irish history, heritage and landscape to promote an increased appreciation of our past, and also to promote discussion on these issues.

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The Background

  • In 2004, Irish Government planned to build a motorway through a highly important archaeological region, the Tara Gabhra Valley. We ran a website to oppose this plan which regrettably proceeded and was completed in 2009.

  • In 2004, a Bill was enacted to attempt to legalise the destruction of monuments by ministerial order.

  • The state's bank guarantee (2009) was an unlimited state guarantee for bank debts for the property speculators and road builders who laid waste to much of Ireland's cities and towns.

  • Overnight, the public debt was doubled and a campaign of austerity commenced as property debts were socialised as costs to the exchequer.

  • The second (2010 - 2022) property boom ensured that the entire streetscapes and historic buildings are under threat, as developers are granted free reign over Ireland's cities with the same speculative practices remaining.

  •  Cultural and environmental destruction is a crime, both in terms of listed buildings and the environment. The destruction of Ireland's heritage continues unabated, with monuments and listed buildings which are granted formal protection under Irish law under threat.



If you would like to discuss these issues, see our social media, sign up for our forum or email me.

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